The Green Yard Hotel is a family establishment situated in Karakol. Local feel and delicious food are the qualities that make it stand out from the crowd. The family guest house has clean, comfy rooms, professional service and amenities that even the big hotel chains would not be ashamed of. But the interesting part of the Green Yard Hotel in Karakol is its unusual history. A story of determination, dedication and hard work, that helped the small family business to grow into recognizable hotel in the area.
The idea of opening a guest house came into Mrs. Chinara Sagyndykova’s mind in the beggining of 2000s. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the job market was still new, which made it harder to find a profitable position even with a good profession. That’s when Mrs. Chinara decided to participate in the workshop for new businesses in the guesthouse industry, arranged by Swiss project Helvetas. This allowed her and her husband, Mr. Omurbek, to open their first guest house in 2002. Timur Akbashev, the oldest son, was a student at the time and was also supporting the maintenance and the development of the guest house. Moreover, he played a big role in the construction of the new buildings later on and establishing hotel business. The other two children Aiganysh Akbasheva (daughter) and Aidar Akbashev (younger son) were also getting involved in the family business as they were growing up.
Starting with just four basic bedrooms and one bathroom, the guest house quickly gained popularity in the area thanks to the outstanding cooking skills of Mrs. Chinara and kind hospitality of the hosts. Due to Mr. Omurbek’s love to plants and gardening, the area around and inside the house was always surrounded by blooming flowers, green plants and fruit trees. This was the origin of the guest house’s name - the “Green Yard Hotel”. In the sunny afternoon you can relax on the terrace, walk by the apple and coniferous trees or spark up the BBQ in the garden. Kids can play on the swings and parents can watch the sun setting behind the mountains. The fresh ecological produce from the garden is used in the guest house. The guests can enjoy fresh and healthy food made from local ingredients by the Kyrgyz family.

Since the guest house was very well-received by the customers, the family made the decision to expand the establishment and to involve more family members in the business. Thanks to the loans from the bank and their sponsors, they could build more rooms for the guests. The family owes a great deal to the BPN CA and Hans Wilhelm, who offered the loans and the knowledge on how to lead a successful business.
Every step of the way was a learning curve for the new entrepreneur family. The feedback from guests, ideas from their travels and the open minds of the owners to try new things and constantly improve, made the development of the prosperous business possible. In total, the family took ten loans and some big risks to improve the staying conditions for their guests and make the Green Yard the best hotel in Karakol. You can feel their dedication in every part of the journey. The family constantly seeks to improve their establishment. The eagerness of doing the best possible to provide their guest with great stay is visible in all the actions that the family takes.
After the loans, two new buildings were added to the guest house and another property with eight en suite rooms. In 2013, the new building was constructed with ten bedrooms. From the small guest house, the Green Yard grew into the size of the middle hotel. However, it kept its local feel and all the qualities that people loved.

Green Yard Hotel awarded several times by different organizations like Kyrgyz Association of Tourism Providers for “Best Regional Hotel” in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, Tourism Department for “Best Regional Guesthouses/Hotel” in 2014 and 2017 and by Chameleon Travel Company from Germany with an “Award for Sustainable Successes”, it started to be more recognizable in the hotel industry.
Currently, the Green Yard is still a family business. It’s located on a half hectare in the upper part of the city of Karakol, close to Karakol National Park and Issyk Kul Lake. Hotel has 28 bright and comfortable en suite rooms, decorated with colorful photographs of the local landscape and people. It also features a conference hall, a sauna, a playground, BBQ facilities and a campfire.

What really stands out for Green Yard is the food. The family grows their own fruits and vegetables by themselves in the garden. You can find there a great variety of fresh produce from soft plums and sweet raspberries, to walnuts and various greens. Countless flavors of homemade jams and multiple types of cakes always served with a pot of local chai can be enjoyed by the guests. Hearty dinners accompanied by the fresh salads with the vegetables from the yard garden, crispy apples collected from the trees growing just on the outside and local delicacies including homemade wine or honey, add to the local touch.
The best meal, however, is breakfast. The widespread of sweet and savory items will keep you energized for the day. Jams, cakes, eggs made different ways, traditional cereals, fresh bread, cream, cheese and meats, vegetables and fruit are just a part of daily changing offer. You won’t lack a choice and if you can’t say no to the delicious local products, you might leave the table a little bit heavier than before. Hospitality, comfortable and clean rooms, professionalism and ecologically clean and tasty food makes Green Yard competitive on tourism market.
If you are looking for a place to unwind, enjoy the traditional Kyrgyz hospitality and food, while relaxing in the green garden overlooking the Tien Shan mountains, you are in for a treat in the Green Yard Hotel.

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As an addition to the hotel and a result of the collective family work, a Visit Karakol travel company has been opened in 2013 by son Timur. The project has been aimed for the Local Economic Development through developing tourism sustainability and developing area through cooperation with International Recognized Photo/Video makers and bloggers.


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Mob.: +996 555 451515, +996 505 451515, +996 772 152881
E-mail: info@greenyard.kg
Adress: Kyrgyzstan, 14 Jetigen st., Karakol city